Carlos learns to accept that his love life is going to be relayed thoroughly to anyone in Night Vale who owns a radio.

He supposes he should have seen this coming a mile away. It’s certainly no secret that Cecil offers his own personal life, and the thoughts and feelings that come with it, to the listeners of Night Vale Community Radio every night without hesitation. Probably the only reason they’re even dating right now is because of how vulnerable and broken Cecil sounded when he thought Carlos had died. How Carlos realized there were real feelings there, not just the superficial affinity a person might feel towards a beautiful painting or statue. How Cecil had been rebuffed and let down so many times over that past year that he wasn’t even expecting anything when he came to Carlos in the Arby’s parking lot.

It is troubling then, given that he finds patterns for a living, how unprepared Carlos was for the possibility that Cecil would change absolutely nothing now that they were in a relationship.

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Speculation drabble based on spoilers for 4x14

They’re both lying side-by-side on the bed, resting their legs after dancing at the reception for four hours. There’s a sort of tension, something stretching and yielding between them. They still haven’t talked about the incident in the car, and Kurt’s mind hasn’t strayed very far at all from it since it happened, so when Blaine opens his mouth and doesn’t say “Hey didn’t we sort of devour each other’s faces today,” but instead comes out with, “I got my letter from NYADA,” it’s all Kurt can do to stare wide-eyed and make a noise of confusion.

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Blaine and Sam stay up late and talk.

9:12 PM

“I keep having dreams about him,” says Blaine, and he knows immediately from the hesitant noise Sam makes that he needs to follow that up with, “Not those dreams. It’s not even really that romantic. We’re usually in a familiar place like the Lima Bean and we hold hands.”

The lights are all out except for Blaine’s TV set up on one side of the bedroom while they tag team playing Dark Souls as a knight they created together named Gilbertus. At some point they turned the volume down and started getting into progressively deeper conversation.

“Holding hands isn’t romantic?” Sam asks.

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Drabble: Piñata

Summary: For his fifth birthday, Blaine’s parents get him a piñata. Unfortunately, he seems to miss the point.

Based on this gif, which triggered my rather one-track feels for Blaine as a child and general Anderbros

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